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Mexico Passage to Ascension Story 

This page was initially dedicated to the program of ‘Passage to Ascension’, sacred journey who took place in Mexico Yucatan december 2012
I felt, instead of removing the page, you might wish to read and feel the vibration of what happen there to me and the group

The entire world had eyes on the topic of all times

‘2012 and what is going to happen to the world’
Lots of energy built up around this event. Many people everywhere were thinking this was going to be a moment of great catastrophe as publicised by the Medias all around the world
‘is the world going to end?’ the news was giving out.
But many others viewed this moment as a time of great change and major evolution for the entire planet.
The Mayan Prophecy described this time as a time of change, a time of ending and new beginnings.
Myself and my friend, dear colleague Gabriela Luna felt called at a very deep level to channel our energies to help with the shift and we put together a wonderful journey called “Passage to Ascension".
From the 11th until the 23rd of December 2012 we opened the space for those people who wanted to be with us in Mexico and help ‘in whatever way we were going to help’ in that land, the people, the world.
We started the journey as a group of 40 not very much knowing what to expect. The only secure things were that we were there and the program was on!
Wonderful Souls travelling through Mayaland, embracing the gift that the Creator was giving us of being there at that special time.
Everyone playing such a major part in the group, for without even one of these Souls the journey would have never been the same, so perfect and powerful.
The First 4 days we delved into deep healing. Gaby and myself run an Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop as our Master Drunvalo Melchizedek taught us.
So much deep work and deep shifts happened for each one of us. Deep clearing of the land from the past.
Who had a clear idea of what was going on? Only God I would say.

We were honoured with the presence of Mayan Elder Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech and his sweet wife Lucia, who truly enlightened our lives with their examples.

They reminded us of the ‘true way’, a way I was previously been shown in Peru by the natives
They walk their lives to remind people of simplicity, reconnecting with Nature, staying in touch with Mother Earth, respecting the Planet and respecting everyone else around us. They reminded us of how to love ourselves with simplicity and great joy.
They shared their way of living. Their houses do not have floors They live on dirt, they are constantly connected to the land to the Divine Mother, who is the one guiding us at all time.
At some point I even thought ‘ look at us here, in this 5 star hotel with all the comforts !!’
And them… they do not need so much!!We shall all learn more and go back to the origins, a time in which we were more connected.
I am talking about a life of gratitude for what we have every day.
In this time with Pedro Pablo and his wife Lucia spent in XpuHa, the group experienced major blessings and teachings.
One day a couple who was travelling with us (he from Argentina and she from Denmark) decided to get married there in Mayaland and asked our lovely Grandparents to marry them.
Normally the Mayans would only marry people from their tradition not people from outside
I was wondering how the Perfection of life would direct this great Opera Show that was unfolding right there.

Pedro Pablo listened to his inner guidance and talked to the couple and later on made his choice.

Yes, he could marry them.
What a great gifts for them, and for us all.
I am not very sure we all understood at the time the depth of what was happening; for sure it took me a few months after the journey to process the true meaning of this event and write about it now.
Pedro Pablo asked me to translate to the group, Spanish into English, the words he was speaking to the couple during the marriage.
Well I never shared this but I feel this is the right time to express all that happened.  A cone of bright light descending from the sky was entering into Pedro Pablo body and transmuting into words that he was then pronouncing. It is difficult to put into words what I was witnessing but it was major for me, seeing this light, hearing the words, receiving the words and that light moving through my body and translating in another language.
Whist I was translating lots of inner shifts were happening, I was feeling the depth of that marriage.
It was not just a simple union, It was a sacred union, run according to an ancient tradition, the Mayan tradition, bringing together two people from different parts of the world Argentina and Denmark.
This marriage was a major event I felt, bringing unity between the North and the South, the East and the West, the Condor with the Eagle.
And with Pedro Pablo opening up and marrying two people from our modern society somehow it felt we were bringing unity between indigenous people and the western world.
Pedro Pablo later on said ‘the work has just started and this connection and collaboration need to continue all around the world’. We must stay connected and Be One wherever we are and whatever we do in life.

Within each one of us attending that wedding something major happened, whether consciously or not we were all experiencing an inner marriage for our souls, an inner sacred marriage that we all went throught thanks to these two wonderful friends that took the first step towards Unity.

This 'coming together' at this level and at a much higher one brought Oneness within ourselves.
This event had a major impact on me. My Being was trying to catch up with the intensity of this inner shift. For a few days I had to stop and allow this integration.
After a final blessings and ceremony with Pedro Pablo.
our group continued visiting sacred sites and performing prayers, meditation and ceremonies on the land, bringing the energy of the heart in every single site we visited. We went through some of the sacred sites as described in the Serpent of Light, Labhna, Kabha, Chichen Itza, Tulum.
Without really realising, we were bringing this sacred union everywhere and were grounding this energy on the land, with joy, with our processes, with our crying, laughing, with our love, with sorrow but always with great trust and respect for the Everything that was given to us there.
Until we reached the day of visiting Uxmal when I felt in my heart another important union happened. With a very special, humble and profound ceremony our group energy brought healing and unity between 'the victim and the victimiser energy' as in the 'colonisers and the colonised'.
A deep process of forgiveness happened within me and for the group around this topic that was surely very felt in Mexico in those dates.
On December 21 we gathered in Mayapan as suggested by Pedro Pablo, without really knowing why. Again the trust for the journey was strong, many things were unknown but we needed to proceed and experience whatever we had to experience there.
What Pedro Pablo then revealed to us was the reason for sending us to Mayapan.
In this sacred site there is a wall behind the main pyramid, with the representation of a man with a condor in one hand and one eagle in the other hand.
This man stands in the middle without his head.

How interesting! In Mexico there is no condor nor eagle but this wall is showing this place as the place of union between the two. Unity between the eagle from the north and the condor from the south , between two different vibrations merging into ONE.

How enlightening to be there in Mexico at such an important time, wish such powerful energies surrounding us and with the willingness and strenght to be part of something major

to help humanity shift and the embrace the new vibration.

Only recently some of us from the Mexico journey finally met here in London during a dinner to share some of our adventures there, to laugh, to feel in our soul the vibration of the work done.

Some of us commented... we needed some time to integrate and being able to come together and share.

We surely experienced a profound journey of Oneness and major growth, that took some time to integrate.

What a great work our wonderful group did in Mexico along with so much more that is sacredly stored in each one of our hearts.
Hearts that will always bring this vibration to the world to enlighten others who are ready to awaken to the new Unity Consciousness.
I will be Eternally Grateful for this opportunity that life offered me to contribute to help in the evolution of our planet.

Mayan Elder Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech and his wife Lucia

Group after the wedding


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