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Group trainings to increase Resilience and Improve the Decision Making Process. 


One to One Sessions

Individual sessions customer tailored to reduce stress and increase performance


Online Classes

Onsite and online Dream and Imagery classes for building inner confidence, strength and manifest your Vision

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One to One Sessions

I have a great depth of experience and tools to help you succeed, achieve and grow in all areas of life. I’ve been facilitating private coaching sessions for personal growth & success since 2010. I continue to evolve with my clients to understand how to best serve them and the diversity of issues they face in life. Throughout my coaching career, I have helped many overcome challenges with finding success in their endeveors and advancing careers.

In addition, I’ve assisted my clients to grow personally in their private lives, resolving relationship conflicts as well as getting clients in touch with their Heart to access their intuition. Since working internationally, I have multi-cultural experience and I am well-equipped to work internationally.

I specialise in cultivating Leadership from the Heart in Business for greater success and overall well-being. I am known for helping people birth their projects, ideas and even prepare for birthing a healthy future family.

Here is your opportunity to work individually with me to advance in your career or private life!

Imagery & Dreaming

To move towards your Dreams and achieve them, we plunge into your body and subconscious with Imagery and Dreaming to explore and correct those inner forms that might prevent you from evolving. Sessions are designed to bring you finally back to your centre, presence and personal power. This is the foundation of my work. Over the course of my time as a coach, I noticed the fullest form of success and empowerment enter our life when we acquire it within ourselves first. We take a look at what your subconscious is telling us through it’s language of images and feeling, in order to truly understand your situation and how to proceed with a plan or resolution.

A series of sessions are recommended according to specific situations.

Sessions are one hour long and can be done in person or via online platform like zoom, webex or skype


I work alongside HeartMath® to facilitate the science of the heart, heart/Brain communication and the techniques you will be able to implement in your daily life to reduce stress, increase your performance at work and improve your personal life. According to science, by developing a state of coherence with brain-heart, we can achieve great success, flow & performance in our lives. This aspect of my work is focused on creating Leadership from The Heart, whether it be for business, politics or personal empowerment. A minimum of 3 sessions are recommended for the overall experience of acquiring all the HeartMath® Information

Sessions are one hour long and they will be in person or online via zoom or skype



As an individual or a couple, if you wish to create a new life, a new project or a new family, This extra-ordinary method of imagery developed by Dr. Catherine Shainberg helps you truly prepare for your creative process. DreamBirth is a journey that takes the individual from conception, through pregnancy to labour and postpartum. All these phases will be supported with specific exercises which tap into your imagination and create a smooth and happy journey for the individual or couple. DreamBirth will allow you to go back through your own creation story and personal development to correct any possible blockages that could effect your own creative process or anything that may be taking up space for a creation to be birthed. DreamBirth is a profoundly transformative process and recommended for both males and females who wish to either birth a child or a project to unlock maximum creative potential

one to one coaching


Being a translator for Irene in her work, I’m impressed by the way that she’s centered in the core of her being while guiding people through their journey of self-exploration. She’s powerful in holding a space of clarity for the other to dive deep into the inner world searching for the answer. Her experiences in both business field and spiritual work come together in a most amazing way that she offers such a solid and compassionate support for people in their quest for a higher meaning in life and career. I witnessed how people found their inner strength and retrieved passion from a state of feeling lost with her guidance. And I would definitely not forget the laughters we shared even in the most challenging situations. If you’re looking for a path back to your heart, a guide to the inner source of life, joy and creativity, come to Irene

Lucia - China

“Irene has been instrumental in showing me how to let go and so much more of a deeper level than I was able to before the workshop. 


She helped me to take full responsibility for myself and I’ve myself permission to grow at a rapid rate.  Through continuing on the path she set me firmly on, I now feel I value myself more. I am now able to move deeper into my own space and that’s reflected in everything I do.


I have since went on to set up a Charity which helps people who are dying and will soon employ several people.”

Linda Jane McCurrach


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