What is Heart Leadership®?


To get to the heart of the matter, our subconscious holds the power to our success


 We have a great gift to harness the potential in the subconscious: our imagination. 


Our dreams contain information on how to manifest this potential creativity. 


They hold our true vision. 


Being the first organ to develop, the heart is believed to be the centre for the subconscious.


The interface to work with the heart is through the imagination and dreaming.


When we learn to find coherence in our heart, we can unlock the hidden creativity and power to succeed.


I work with imagery, dreaming and heart focused techniques to help you become a Leader from the Heart. 


Heart Leadership is more than just personal development, it’s a transformative way that enables you to:

 Access your own inner leader and potential.

 Discover your true vision and your way of service. 

 See your dreams come to life.

 Create from a space of trust and confidence

 Find the power to succeed and path of fulfilment

Learn the science of intuition and how to practically apply 


This is where your journey begins!