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I have been studying how to harness the Power of Imagination and Dreaming to produce the results my clients want to see in their life. Our Imagination is the interface between our subconscious and conscious mind, and it is the key that allows us to transform our lives from inside out. Through The School of Images® (SOI), founded by Dr. Catherine Shainberg in 1982, I am an internationally certified Teacher & Practitioner of of the Saphire™ imagery method. I am also the Director of The School of Images United Kingdom and School of Images Italy. This is the foundation of my work and how I bring success, creative solutions and extra-ordinary changes into peoples lives. By using guided imagery and opening our dreams, we can make a night and day difference in our lives in a short-period of time!


What is Saphire™ Imagery?

Saphire™ teaches the language of imagination for instantaneous insight and transformation. I teach and use this work with my clients to catalyze creative manifestation at all levels, in all areas of life, whether personal or professional, communal or global.

Techniques utilize dreaming, visualisation and revelation, as the keys to the forgotten power of the imagination, which are dynamic techniques to bring about clarity, transformation and renewal. Essentially, Saphire™ is the practice of inner vision, which teaches you the tools to become creative and true to yourself. It is the quick road to hear the silent, see the invisible, feel the immaterial, and bring them all into the manifest light of day, practically and efficiently.

What is DreamOpening™?

Dreams, like business, culture, or any other area of study, have a particular language and landscape. Once this language is learned, dreams are no longer useless day residue of the monkey mind, rather they become the vital messages, containing the very important information waiting in the inbox of our DreamField™ to be opened and responded to.

What is the DreamField™? It is the collective consciousness that includes all imagery, personal, ancestral and the entire world, as a great container of information. In the DreamField™, we also find the highest knowledge, understood through intuition which shows us how to navigate and take action in the world.

As you can imagine, dreams can have layers of information. How do we know exactly what dreams are trying to tell us? This methodology shows us exactly how to open a dream and access the practical and essential knowledge and information. Not only that, the dream can also show us the necessary action-steps to move forward. The beauty of the dream is that it is always conspiring with us to help us move forward. It leads the way and is willing to dialogue with us like a business partner.

Psychologists believe the archetype of our Self is responsible for creating and directing our dreams. Self is who we are in totality, and functions as a guide to help us consciously move into wholeness, fulfilment, purpose and growth. It always seeks to bring us to greater heights of potential. Thus, dream opening awakens us to our highest potential, revealing the repetitive patterns that hold us back from manifesting that potential in our lives now. In truth, dreams are an essential part of our lives and act as a gateway to opening up our creative potential in a quick and transformative way.

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