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HeartMath® Coaching Program

Welcome to the coaching program in Italy
At Hotel Berthod, by Mont Blanc

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Now includes our Stress and Wellbeing Assessment Certification FREE (worth £495)!
Do you want to…


  • Help your clients  to transform their stress, boost their resilience and perform to their highest potential?

  • Increase your own emotional and mental clarity, improve your physiological health and help teach others to do the same?

  • Differentiate yourself from other coaches by including leading edge, scientifically validated, practical and highly effective techniques and technologies within your approach?

Become a HeartMath® Certified Coach

Coronavirus and the associated social and economic problems have plunged the UK and Ireland into the grip of a stress pandemic. Stress, not coronavirus, is the single biggest cause of illness today. Anxiety and Depression are the two biggest health conditions. Many people are experiencing overwhelm and burnout. As a HeartMath Coach, you can help.

HeartMath is a unique and powerful system of stress management, resilience building and high-performance techniques, tools and innovative biofeedback technologies. The system is easy to learn, practice and teach to others. And most importantly, it works! That’s why it has been used by organisations such as NASA, Stanford Hospital, ITV, Nuffield Health and Microsoft as well as by hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide.

HeartMath’s unique Coach Certification Programme has been created for coaches who want to coach and teach others the HeartMath system through a one to one and/or small group process.

A fulfilling and empowering journey…

When you decide to train with us you will embark on a fulfilling and empowering journey of 3 stages.

Stage 1

Your journey begins a few weeks before the online webinar-based training. Upon confirming your place you will be sent a package containing your emWave Pro system and Inner Balance sensor. These are the HRV coherence biofeedback technologies which you and your clients will use. We’ll help you to begin using the biofeedback and we’ll also monitor your progress and provide you with feedback of how you’re doing.

We’ll also send you our Transforming Stress book, comprehensive training materials and the login details to your online e-learning. The e-learning consists of a few short videos designed to familiarise you with the biofeedback technology, coherence techniques and a few of the basic self-awareness and self-regulation models we use.

You will also receive a one hour coaching session (online) with a HeartMath Master Coach to ensure that you have a sound understanding of the basics and to answer any questions you may have about either your personal practice or any of the content you will have read or viewed so far.

Stage 2

We will be spending 3 days together, experiencing a “deep dive” into the HeartMath system. We cover three main areas:

  • The science behind the HeartMath system – the impact of emotions of physiology, Heart Rate Variability and coherence.

  • How to coach others in the  HeartMath system – we introduce you to our process which includes a series of simple and powerful models, 3 “foundation” coherence techniques and 5 strategic techniques.

  • The biofeedback technology – what it does, what the data means and how to use the technology with your client.

There is no homework other than to review what we covered during the day and to do 20 minutes of personal coherence practice before bed – you have to practice what you preach!

We have a maximum of 24 people on each Coach Certification programme and the group is always very diverse – and a lot of fun!

Stage 3

In the month following the training, you will receive three more one hour online coaching sessions. The purpose of these sessions is so that you personally experience receiving the coaching models, tools and techniques that you will be delivering, and to give you an opportunity to discuss and clarify any questions that may be outstanding after your training.

At the end of the journey, you will be an officially certified HeartMath Coach!

*NEW* And upon successful completion of your HeartMath Certified Coach Programme you will then be provided with access to the Stress and Wellbeing Assessment Provider Certification programme worth £495!

Heart Focus
Blue Skies

The HeartMath Certified Coach programme will give you…

  • A licence that allows for the commercial use of HeartMath’s intellectual property and to promote yourself as a HeartMath Certified Coach* You may coach individuals and/or small groups of up to 10 people** internationally both in person and online.

  • Three days in-depth training in the HeartMath System.

  • Four hours of one to one mentoring.

  • The confidence and understanding to teach the HeartMath techniques and tools and to present the science behind the HeartMath System.

  • The skill to instruct individuals in the use of the Inner Balance™ biofeedback app and sensor.

  • Comprehensive training materials and resources.

  • A 20% discount on all HeartMath products; a profile in the HeartMath Certified Coaches directory and ongoing support and development within our annual CPD programme*.

  • The opportunity to become part of the global WeAddHeart movement and to run your own online and/or in-person WeAddHeart group (see for more info).

  • *NEW* Free access to our Stress and Wellbeing Assessment Provider Certification Programme – a wonderful way to assess your clients’ Health and Wellbeing and provide them with meaningful and helpful reports before, during and after you have facilitated them through their HeartMath Coaching journey.

The cost of the programme is £1699/€1900 inc VAT (if applicable) and includes the new Inner Balance™ and emWave Pro HRV biofeedback devices worth £523/Euros 610. This cost excludes accommodation and other expenses

Interest free payment options are available.

For more information and to book your place please email and

For accommodation at Hotel Berthod please contact directly and mention you will attend the HeartMath workshop.

*Dependent upon renewal of your annual license and participation in our program of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Annual license renewal is currently £150 (we may change this price at any time) and is payable 12 months after your training. Your first 12 months of license, CPD and associated benefits are free.

**This Certification does not license you to deliver large training workshops to either public or organisational groups.

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