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 What is HeartMath?

HeartMath was founded by Doc Childre in 1991 to help individuals, organizations and the global community incorporate the heart’s intelligence into their day-to-day experience of life. HeartMath does this by connecting heart and science in ways that empower people to greatly reduce stress, build resilience, and unlock their natural intuitive guidance for making better choices. The goal is to share the HeartMath story in ways that inspire others to create a more heart-connected world with us.

HeartMath LLC was formed in 1996 to offer research-based training programs and products to organizations, health professionals, and individuals around the world. HeartMath training programs have been delivered with exceptional, documented outcomes in a wide variety of organizations, including Fortune 100 companies, healthcare systems, schools, government agencies, and to tens of thousands of people in pursuit of personal growth or better health




Do you wish to learn the HeartMath system to apply in your daily life?
 HeartMath Resilience Advantage Training
The Resilience Advantage is a seminar taught by Irene Viglia Atton, certified Trainer for the HeartMath Institute.
This program is taught either in a one day seminar or in series of 3 hours long seminars. You will be taught the science of the heart. You will be guided and taken into learning more of the experiments that HeartMath perforemed in order to test the validity of 'Why living in the heart' is so important. No matter the type of joy you perform the resilience advantage training is for all of those who wish to really be successful and fully efficient if their lives
The program is designed to teach you different techniques to help you move to the Heart and live from that space.
The program will explain to you how the heart is directly connected to the Brain through neuropath system that constantly influence your decision making
Becoming aware of the true funcions of the Heart system and the Brain of the heart will open a new reality for your life. The techniques of HeartMath will tell you how at all time to quickly move to the heart and allow the brain of the heart to make the true/ most effective decisions
The seminar is also design to share with you a time to connect with the HeartMath technology. The technology reads your heart beats and after the seminar can prove you that by applying the techniques when needed in your day you can reduce energy consulption and build up energy and resilience for your life. 
The program will help you maintain constant recharged batteries throughout your day so that to be at your best performance all the time, in your job, with family, with friends and sport.
Irene Viglia Atton is a certified trainer for the HeartMath system. She trained with Dr. Rollin McCraty and Tricia Hoffman. Irene delivers this program to individuals and companies in order to help people move to their Hearts, being in their centre, being happy and productive.
Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. they somehow already know what you truly want to become. 
Everything else is secondary. - 
Steve Jobs Stanford University Commencement Speech, 2005
What is the Global Coherence Initiative (GCI)?
Launched by the Institute of HeartMath, the Global Coherence Initiative is a science-based, co-creative project to unite people in heart-focused care and intention, to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace.
The GCI is a platform that unites individuals from all around the Planet to create a communicty based on the heart. Connect to the GCI if you wish to support a the Planet through a coherent shift

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