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Fri, Mar 24


Morphology 4 Grids Zoom

Morphology: The 4 Grids

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Morphology: The 4 Grids
Morphology: The 4 Grids

Time & Location

Mar 24, 2023, 10:00 AM EDT – Mar 26, 2023, 4:00 PM EDT

Morphology 4 Grids Zoom

About the Event

This is a 3 day intensive workshop to introduce the study of Morphology

In Greek, Morpho means Change/Shape.

and Morphology is the Science of the Shape

A body that is more curvy will tell us a very different story then a body with more lines. In this process, you will learn to see, without judgment, how the shape of a body has a story story to tell.

Each one of us is unique. The form of our body can show to us who we truly are and reveal the hidden potential we don't often see.

Morphology teaches us how to observe the form of the body with utmost respect. The study of Morphology is a great tool to understand the Self through the shape of our body. By consciously embodying specific forms of the body, we will explore and experience aspects of the Self. Using imaginal techniques, you will learn to gain insight by feeling these forms from within. You will be able to step into the forms to sense and feel specific body types in order to understand the meaning of the form. In doing so, you will begin to reconnect to the language of the body, power of imagination and dreaming.

This workshop will teach you the theory of the first 4 grids in Morphology and practise

We shall study 2 Grid on day 1 and 2 grids on day 2 of our seminar

Each Grid will help you delve into your own body and discover/understand your own self and others

- Grid 1 - is the One body, The Human Species - We study the morphology of the Human Body

- Grid 2 - has to do with the mirror images in the body, and all the two's in the body, 2 eyes 2 ears, 2 brains etc. What can we lean from the 2s in our body? what is the left side teaching us about a certain person and what is the right side showing us? What about the inner and outer face? what do they say to us?

We shall take time to explore, see and feel these shapes and their meaning.

- Grid 3 - In this grid we shall study the 3 levels of the body/face: Mental, Emotional and Practical. According to the proportions in the body we have 4 body types:  Endo, Meso, Ecto and Cordo Bodies. Each one of those body types are telling us a story about the person and their characteristics.

In Grid 3 we shall also see what the angles of the face are teaching us. A narrower face will tell us a story very different than a wider face

- Grid 4 - this Grid will teach us about temperaments: Lymphatic, Sanguine, Bilious and Nervous. Again certain characteristics in the profile of the face, back of the head, colour of the skin, shape of the nose will give us in-form-ation about the type of person we have in front of us.

At the end of this seminar you will have much information to begin your exploration and study of  morphology

Morphology is a wonderful skill to have to enhance your perception and navigate in a world that is more and more fascinating and challenging at the same time.

It is good to know who we have in front of us so that we know how to best approach and speak to a certain individual.

What if you are looking for the right candidate to hire for your team? Morphology would help you see the traits of potential employees

What if you are a parent and simply wish to understand better how to connect with the body type that is your child?

What if you wish to comprehend how to communicate and connect more efficiently in relationship?

Or simply what if you wish to understand your own body shape and what your body potential is? Morphology will help you do this

The exercises that we shall practise during the workshop are based on the SAPHIRE™ Imagery method as taught by the School of Images.

Short and dynamic exercises will help you explore the form in the body (this is the practice part along with the theory of the morphology that you'll receive)

If this resonates with you and you wish to join us in this fascinating journey of Self-discovery and evolution, join us this weekend via zoom online

for our Morphology workshop

The workshop will take place from 

10:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST* (US) / 2:00PM – 9:00 PM CET (EU)

For more info and booking please click here 

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