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A Heart based approach for a

stress free and successful life

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My name is Irene. I am a Visionary, Leadership Mentor and and Imagery and Dreaming Specialist. My background is in International business. My career has focused on international business development in the Corporate world, as a Development Manager. 

Travel has always been a regular part of my job, which allows me to interact with a diversity of clients from a multitude of different cultures. This experience showed me my natural skills of communication and creative problem solving abilities.

In addition, it opened up a new passion and vision of mine: to facilitate Heart Centered Leadership, through practical knowledge and contemporary tools to maximise success and empowerment. I decided to switch my focus to Coaching and Mentoring, where I have integrated my experience in business with coaching skills in order to help others maximise their potential and achieve their Dreams.

I have been supporting individuals to strengthen their decision making skills, boost their confidence, reduce stress, improve focus and enhanced their overall cognition.

For the past 14 years, I have been mentoring people and groups, facilitating Inner Balance, Methods of Resilience focus skills, coherent decision making abilities and how to harness the power of Imagination and true Dreaming.

I collaborate with the HeartMath® Institute and the School of Images®, to enhance personal growth and to strengthen the roles of clients in their lives, with specialised imagery techniques and methods for quick, transformational and efficient results.

I am currently the Director of School of Images in the UK and Italy, where I teach imagery exercises that are focused on different themes. I also teach Life Coaching workshops in coordination with HeartMath in Europe.
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To create stress free personal and work places based on inner balance and inner strength

 To enhance Heart Leadership personally, socially and globally


To introduce Heart Based techniques to reduce stress, Improve performance and centre into ones own Leadership role in life


Integrity, Honesty, Customer Focused,

Courage, Fun

© 2023 Irene Viglia Atton - Al rights Reserved

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